I’ve always been an athletic person however, let’s be honest life happens, we get busy and we don’t take the time to follow all of the rules of a healthy lifestyle as much as we should. The week of March 12,2013 I decided that my health was more important and I needed to take my life back over and get healthy. I went on Groupon and bought the boot camp pass to Mean Green bootcamp classes that would eventually change my life forever. I bought the products, read the books , and I was immediately hooked and sold on this healthy lifestyle Mean Green promoted. Til this day I’m 68 pounds down and motivating everyone that I come in contact with that working out and eating right is not a diet, but it is a lifestyle change. One thing I always tell people is I never said it was going to be easy, it’s a mindset and as long as you change your mindset you will see results.


oining Mean Green Bootcamp has truly been a life changing experience for me. I joined the humble team in October 2012 and since then I have been able to drop 25 pounds and 4 dress sizes. When I started bootcamp I was the heaviest I had been in a long time. Eating bad and stress from work and my personal life had really taken a toll on me physically and emotionally. But through consistent motivation from Dezi and the entire mean green family I was able to quickly get back on track and truly embrace this new life style. Bootcamp has not only transformed my body but also given me the mental agility and strength to keep working hard. I truly can say our Humble Team is a big family and I will forever be grateful. I highly recommend Mean Green Bootcamp!!!!!


When I first met Chris, I was fresh out of undergrad and weighing just a little over 200lbs. I really let myself go and needed to do something in order to keep my energy level up at work, get motivation to stay focused in graduate school, and adjust to moving to a new city. Then, I met Chris by signing up for one of his mean green bootcamps and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever met. Sure, I occasionally ran and rode a bicycle but I need something that was more cardiovascular intensive, losing fat, but also build strength. Since joining Chris and the trainers at mean green training I have lost over 40lbs and my lifestyle habits have completely taken a U-turn. I started eating better, my energy level was up lasting me longer through the work day, and it helped with the ladies as well. The great thing about mean green’s approach is the motivational team building approach he encourages in all of his trainees. It’s different from other bootcamps where your physical workouts are part of a group where motivation is encouraged rather than a singular isolated exercise. I’ve been with Chris over a year and every single time I work out the exercises are challenging, engaging, and keep your muscles guessing. I weigh 158 after losing over 40lbs woking with Chris for the past year and I even completed my very first triathlon. Pain is temporary but results last forever!


There aren’t quite enough words to express just how much MGT and Dezi has changed my life and has helped me to feel so much better about myself! I joined MGT in the summer of 2012 shortly after getting married and feeling like I had fallen victim to the so-called “newlywed 10/15 or whatever it is!”. I knew I needed to make a change. I needed something to motivate me to work hard toward my goals, as well as something I’d enjoy and that’s exactly what I got. From the very beginning Dezi met with me to discuss my goals and assured me she’d do everything to help me get back to feeling better about me. She’s always there for me to discuss my struggles and comes up with great ideas of new things for me to do when I get stuck on my way to that next goal. Knowing that she is there to support me every step of the way, even when I get off course, helps me work even harder to reach my goals. She’s been a great leader of the group and always pushes you to the next level, even when you think you can’t!
Aside from Dezi’s leadership, being a part of the MGT family has helped to make this experience so wonderful! The team environment is filled with positive energy and it’s easy to form a bond with people that are there to accomplish the same goals as you. I often get asked if I’m crazy for doing boot camp especially when I was going to 5:30 AM classes, and my response is always the same – I’m seeing the results I desire and I’m having fun every time I’m out there (even when those squats hurt) and that helps to make it all worth every minute. I’ve lost 17 pounds so far and I’m well on my way to getting even more results with the help of Dezi and MGT!


I started with MGT back in June 2013 after a friend of mine coerced me into it. I was super hesitant at first and at the 11th hour said okay I would join her. I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into until I met Deziree (my to-be trainer for what I thought would be 6 weeks). The first day I came to Bootcamp I felt right at home with open arms… Everyone was so nice and uplifting and when I met Dezi it felt like we already knew each other! After my initial 6 weeks I knew I was officially “HOOKED”! The motivation, the kind words, the new friendships building, the friendly smiles, the challenge, the RESULTS! I knew I was in it to win. I’d finally started to reach the goals I’d been so desperately trying to get back to after a failed 3-month long personal training stint. MGT has given me so much more then just weight loss and toning… I’ve made new friends and developed a new network of people who love what I love and motivate me to not give up! Even after my goals are attainted. Dezi is not only a super awesome trainer, she has also been a confidant and someone who I’ve opened up to on personal things. So to Chris Green, to Deziree Green, and all the MGT family thank you for doing what you do and for getting me back into the place I love… Active and running!


When I turned the 40 I realized I was at my worst peak with my overweight struggle,my blood pressure and blood sugars were borderline high. I had been on that roller coaster ride losing weight and gaining it back and always looking for a quick short miracle weight loss secret. I came across Mean Green Training BOOTCAMP through one of my family members wonderful social media page. I had planned to attend a trial run day and chickened out. I kept thinking to myself “BOOTCAMP who am I kidding I will never survive”. I finally built up enough courage to try it out and SURVIVED. Who would have thought that would become the first day of one of the BEST journeys of my LIFE. With the help of The Lord above, our MGT TEAM and the most awesome trainer DEZI I have accomplished all of my goals I have set for myself physically and more importantly mentally. Never in my dreams would I have thought I would be able to lose 30 pounds and 30 inches in less than six months with out diet pills or dieting. It has become a lifestyle and best of all my health is the best it has ever been. At forty years old I CAN DO BURPEES , RUN A 5K AND WAS AWARDED BOOTCAMPER OF THE YEAR! We at MGTcall those RESULTS!!


Diabetes, high blood pressure, & sleep apnea are just a few labels that were given to me at the age of 30 yrs. old. My doctors strongly suggested bariatric surgery as a quick fix. In 2010, I did just that. I went from 250 pounds to 155 pounds in just a few months & all of my health problems went away. I went from taking 16+ prescribed meds to just 1 for migraines. As time went by, the weight started to creep back on; before I knew it, I was close to 190 pounds. During my annual checkup, my doctor told me my blood pressure was high & I needed to go back on medication. I asked my doctor to give me some time…just a few weeks. As a nurse, I knew what I needed to do but I lacked the motivation. June 2013, I joined the MGT Family in Humble. From day one, I felt a great sense of belonging. The Humble team welcomed me with opened arms & name tags (lol). Dezi is an amazing, motivating trainer that does a great job to make everyone feel welcomed & empowered. In the beginning, there were many days that I preferred to go home & crawl in the bed but I kept going. Eventually, boot camp became a habit & now I look forward to attending each session. I also joined Dezi’s run group. I went from not being able to run ¼ mile to running multiple 5ks and now I am preparing for a ½ Marathon. I have lost 20 pounds in 6 months and as of today, my blood pressure is normal!!! I was recently asked, “What makes MGT Boot camp different from the others?” My answer was, ‘it is not just about the weight loss; I’ve been there. It’s about a lifestyle change. MGT uses a holistic approach; it is a family that helps you transform not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.’ I now look forward to Fridays for a different reason – not for Happy Hour to go drinking but to leave work & get a run in. I push myself beyond my limits during my workouts, at home, & at work. I’ve been told recently that I am always so positive regardless of the situation. This new and improved lifestyle is contagious!! It’s amazing to witness so many of my loved ones (family& friends) are now making great positive changes in their life. Many of them are now motivated to join this lifestyle journey with me. I truly believe the MGT Boot camp family is responsible for this great transformation and for this I am grateful. M-G-T…..Results, Results, Results!!!!…….


MGT has truly been a blessing. One day my sorority sister (Erica Lewis) who attended the class told me I should try it out. As a result, I joined MGT boot camp in Spring of2013 and used to run in Schott Park in the evenings and often saw the workout group. However, running alone was not enough. I needed something to give me an extra boost so that I could lose the last twenty pounds since having my daughter. Needless to say, I loved it right off. I used to run track in school so I am accustomed to rigorous workouts. But this workout was different, I loved the variety, muscle confusion and the positive attitude from my trainer Dezi. Some type of way she knew I used to be athletic. She would always push me extra hard…over and above what I thought I could do. This included making sure I filled out my food charts, checking in with homework and giving 110% during boot camp class. I sincerely appreciate the love and dedication Dezi has into whipping me, as well as others, back in shape. I truly could not have done it by myself. She is truly a Motivated God sent Trainer who helped me achieve my pre-pregnancy body results!!! She has made me feel like the track star I once was. Love ya Dezi D!


I joined Mean Green Training in January and to be honest I was not 100% sure I had made the right decision at the time. Was I crazy to sign up to have some mean person scream at me for hour, 3 days a week? I had never really worked out before and I wasn’t eating right. I weighed over 220 lbs and was unhappy with the way I felt about myself. I really didn’t have anything to lose other than the weight and I had everything to gain. Who knew I would still be here 7 months later. MGT started out as something I thought I was going to dread but it quickly turned in to something I LOVE. Yes I said LOVE. Dezi and MGT changed my vision of a what a boot camp is, because in joining MGT didn’t just join a boot camp I be came part of a family. The positive energy and over all camaraderie we have on our team is something I’ve never experienced before. In this atmosphere I have been able to lose over 50 lbs and gain the confidence I was lacking. My family and friends have noticed the change in me and they all want to know what’s my secret. So I tell them ** MGT and Dezi***. It’s because and only because Dezi believed in me that I could begin to believe in myself. Dezi can motivate and inspire you at the same time, pushing you to see your full potential. Her positive spirit and encouraging words are always there for me when I need them the most. I am not the fastest person but I am ok with that because I know I am faster than I was in January and that means a lot to me.” in!


I like to give special thanks the “Meangreen Bootcamp” Chris Green and Deziree Green for inspiring, encouraging, and motivating me to lose the weight and inches that I have lost. I have been with “Meangreen Bootcamp since April 11, 2011. Chris and Deziree has been nothing but “EXECELLENT” in educating, and motivating me on how to eat healthier and lose weight, surely it has been a trial time for me…….By GOD’S Grace and Mercy, and “Meangreen Bootcamp” I have lost over 20 pounds and about 21 ½ inches. I attend bootcamp twice a week on Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I knew I had a problem with my weight, but wasn’t motivated to get started with any exercise. In March 2011, my church held a Health Fair, and Chris Green were there holding a seminar. Listening to a well spoken gentle talk about eating healthier and exercising was enough for me to say I need to attend his bootcamp. I like to say to Chris andDeziree thank you so much for your job well done. I would suggest anyone who is struggling with low self-esteem because of your weight; to join “Meangreen Bootcamp for some life changing “RESULTS”. Look at me before and me after my “RESULTS”. I am “NOT” going back; I will press forth for more “RESULTS”. Until then come on and get some “RESULTS” in!


Growing up, weight was never an issue for me. After having a child in 2002 (yes, even in 2013 I blame my weight on the baby!), I had a hard time getting back to my ideal weight. I grew even more discouraged about my weight when my doctor explained to me that I was overweight and needed to lose 20 pounds. Of course, I tried all types of fad diets and home exercise routines, but the weight wasn’t coming off fast enough for me. Growing up I weighed between 135-145 pounds and at my heaviest, 193 pounds. I was disgusted with myself and new I needed a change. I am so happy I came across Mean Green Training and the most awesome trainer you could ever ask for, Deziree Green. What I love about Mean Green Boot Camp is the love and encouragement I get from Humble team as well as Dezi. I just new after the first week or so of boot camp I would give up, because that what I was used to doing, but that did’t happen. After 18 weeks of boot camp and 15 sessions of personal training, I have lost 15 pounds and I am excited! Thanks Deziree for pushing me even when I limit myself. I truly appreciate all that you and Mean Green Training has done for me and my body. Mean Green Training is more than a work out, it is a life changing, confidence building, RESULTS centered program that focuses on the total person.


I consider my self luck to have met Chris Green. His life philosophy and teaching is what I believe helped me turn my life around. Before I met Chris and joined the MGT family, I had gained over 60 lbs, was depressed all the time and was in the worst position of my life. I couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. Then I met Chris and he completely changed my life. I was introduced to Mean Green Training and not only did I learn how to be more fit but also how to feel better about my self. I went there as a stranger just joining a random exercise program but soon was a part of a happy family. I was no longer depressed and always felt good about my self. I saw the brighter side of life which I had not seen in a long time. I still use the training i received at MGT on a daily basis both in my workouts and life in general. I hope you have a chance to experience and meet Chris and his MGT team. I can promise you that your life will change for good.


Joining MGT (Mean Green Training Boot Camp) has been very rewarding. Occasionally, we all go through life dreaming on how to achieve the perfect body. Unfortunately, we have to overcome the challenges, obstacles, and the anxiety we have when thinking about weight loss. This is where Chris Green comes into the picture. Chris knows how to empower people with giving them the knowledge, patience, and endurance to find their inner strength to withstand the mediocrity of settling for “averageness”. Before joining MGT I was being conquered by a spare tire. This calamity felt like an act of aggression that was brutal and very revealing–especially when being shirtless. At age 46 with a very beautiful wife and two kids it was time to give up the power and addiction of the remote control. Although I really didn’t expect to lose so much weight as quickly as I did, my weight was dropping dramatically, day after day, by working out with an exceptional group of people that became like a close family to me. There is Ashley, who has the incredible flexibility of Houdini with a following of individuals, including myself, who strive to have the quality, speed, and power she has in her quick legs (My Idol). Dawn whom I nicknamed roadrunner due to the speed she has when running. The passion people have at MGT is always so positive. Like, Charissa and her best friend Linnzie who always have a way of putting words into a rewarding way to continue pushing onward. Also, there’s Alison, Wes, and Heather who thrive on enormous energy in the air that’s present. I’ve had stunning results due to the motivation and guidance of Chris and the many individuals that bonded together, as a fantastic team, always pushing one another to get the eye-catching results and satisfaction we all would like to acquire. After losing an amazing 25.8 lbs. in only five weeks of time I can honestly say if anyone wants to get into superb shape or just lose a few pounds and reap the rewards of youthfulness then joining MGT along with Chris and his fantastic smile and cool green shades is the way to go.


I found a Groupon for this “MGT boot camp thing” and thought, “Eh, why not, I’ll try it. I’m bored and I could stand to lose a few pounds.” Little did I know it was a blessing in disguise. It was hard. Very hard. I couldn’t do very much. I actually got frustrated and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to continue. But on week 3, I started seeing results and not just in pounds… I had dropped inches… I could actually see and feel I was stronger…I was running longer and faster by the week….but most of all, I was feeling happy with myself. I have gained so much confidence and I am proud of what I can do now. When I started, I could barely run 12 minute miles and only for maybe 1 mile! 10 months later, I completed my first half-marathon!! I am SO happy I found MGT. Trainer Ashley is so supportive and does NOT let you give up (without the yelling that is traditionally associated with “boot camp”). She is always PUSHing you because she knows you can do it. We all can. She creates a supportive, encouraging environment, and even if you don’t feel like working out, you still want to go. There are more days than not that I am just not into going. I’ve had a long day teaching, dealing with kids and administrators, I’m tired and I just don’t want to go work out. Somehow I make it there. And you know what? Those are the days that I feel the RESULTS the most! I started MGT for the physical results. Now I stay for the mental and emotional results. It keeps me sane. I mentally feel better after each and every work out and for me that means the world. When your mind is in the right place, your life is just better. There are no negative vibes in MGT. It is all positive and encouraging, even when you don’t know these people, they immediately feel like family. Everyone cheers each other on and gets excited for everyone when they reach that goal, or lose that pound…it is the best place to be…with the MGT P.U.S.H. Team!” Push Until Sexy Happens!!!!!!


Several years ago I was privileged to lose over 55 pounds with Weight Watchers; but after I reached plateau, I became discouraged and lost all interest in “counting points” and exercising. In order to break my plateau, I would try different “fad diets” that required little to no exercise. I had immediate results, but as soon as I got off those diets; the pounds came back on. I finally faced the fact that eating right and exercising consistently was the key I needed to be successful. I dreaded going to the gym, and would think of every excuse in the book not to go. While at the gym, I would tend to use the same machines and wouldn’t push or challenge myself to try new things. So as a result, I became bored with my workout routine and just maintained my weight. Then one day, a MGT member put a flyer on my car about a boot camp in my area. I called the number, and it has truly been a blessing ever since! Being a part of Mean Green Training, not only has helped me to lose weight and inches, but it has also helped me to develop a positive attitude about exercising. As a matter of fact; I love it! I feel guilty when I miss a day of working out. Chris and the other MGT members help keep me motivated to reach my personal goals. MGT has also helped me to build endurance and believe in myself. I never would have thought I could run 2 miles without stopping! I am also more confident about the way I look, I feel great! Thank you MGT for helping me to achieve my results both mentally and physically.


Training with Chris (Mean Green Training) has been the best experience ever! Not only have I lost pounds and inches but I have gained soooooooooooo… much confidence. One thing I love about the boot camp is having that accountability with one another. Many can loose weight on their own but very few can stay committed. With MGT we are a team: a team that is committed to helping everyone succeed their overall RESULTS! Recently, I lost 14.5 lbs. in 6 weeks. Not only was Chris there assisting me daily with workout routines and food suggestions; but, the boot campers were surrounding me daily with affirmations like “You can do it!”, “Great Job!”, and many more! Knowing someone cares about your goals is so amazing. I challenge you all today to stop making excuses why you can’t workout, or why u can’t loose weight: Give MGT 6 weeks; I gurantee, you will not leave the same. Pain is Temporary! but… RESULTS are forever! *


I signed up for boot camp because I was desperate to lose the baby weight I had gained throughout the years, 4 kids, 15 pounds each, you do the math! My cousin joined a boot camp and had great results so I decided to try it out. I was very anxious about the experience because my husband is a Marine so I assumed boot camp would be something like a scene out of “Full Metal Jacket”. Well was I totally wrong! I was introduced to this super happy, energetic and welcoming trainer, Ashley, who played the name game before each session, so we could get to know each other. It was brutal the first week; I couldn’t move my arms without wincing, but I still went back for more because I was glad to have someone P.U.S.H.(Press Until Sexy Happens) me. And boy, did she push! When I thought I couldn’t do anymore, she’d get in my face and ask for more and do the reps with me. What’s not to love about that? Ashley makes it fun to work out and I looked forward to my time at the park. So, I didn’t miss one single session that first six weeks for fear of falling back into old habits which worked in my favor because now, three months later, I work out at least five times a week. Since meeting Ashley, I have dropped 14 pounds, 8 pounds and 6 inches this last 6 weeks, which is awesome! What is more awesome is that I’m on a journey to be a better me for myself and my family, and Ashley and MGT have set me on the path. Thank you so much!!


As I look back over the past year I can’t help but be grateful for the AWESOME family I joined. MGT rocks!!! Deziree rocks!!! Humble rocks!!! I would not be almost 50lbs lighter now than I was this time last year if it weren’t for my MGT family ! I started my weight loss journey in September of 2011, weighing in at 225 lbs. In mid-January 2012 I started a 4-week trial period with Mean Green and have been hooked ever since. At the end of the 4-week trial period I weighed in at 217 lbs, which let me know I really needed help if I wanted to see more RESULTS. Now, at 176 lbs I’m more than halfway towards my overall weight loss goals. Most importantly, I feel healthier!! This is the first time I’ve consistently worked out for an entire year and LOVED it ! Even though I didn’t reach my goals every six weeks, I always made progress and Dezi was there to push and encourage me every step of the way! Let’s have a “Dezi” moment…After a disappointing weigh-in, I decided to stop by a fast food restaurant and indulge in a burger, fries, and shake. Wouldn’t you know as I was en route to sabotage my future results I received a call from Dezi. She encouraged me to keep pushing towards my goals and to make a long story short, I drove away from the fast food restaurant empty handed. Only an MGT trainer would have that kind of timing! Thanks Dezi . RESULTS with MGT is the best Christmas gift ever! I can’t wait to start on my new goals next year! Thank you MGT for being the best boot camp in Houston! #RESULTS…no weight gain during the Christmas break!!!


Thank you so much Chris! A year ago I was in a pretty bad place. I was drinking alot and trying to fill my emptiness in all the wrong ways; bad decisions with people, food, and drinking. As you can see in the first picture I had scratches on my face from a car accident, another bad decision. What pushed me over the edge to get my life in order was an email from my mom in January 2009, God rest her soul, that was to say the least some very tough love about my weight. I started walking with a friend, eating better, and removing people that were only negative influences. Soon enough I started loosing weight and feeling better! I also decided to quit smoking, so I felt even better after I got that under control. I joined Bootcamp in November because I kept hitting plateau after plateau. It was another good decision; the group and Chris were exactly what I needed to stay motivated. The workouts continue to push me to the next level and the group cohesiveness is amazing. I am in a much better place today compared to last year! I am not losing weight nearly as fast as when I began, but it is still coming off and my lifestyle changes have remained constant. I have an amazing boyfriend, wonderful friends, and can enjoy my life. I will continue my journey through life in a positive, healthy way with the help of the wonderful people in my life, including the people I met in bootcamp, and of course my mother who is looking down on me from above. Thank you chris for helping me believe in myself, acheive my goals, and recieve what I deserve!


You know sometimes you make decisions not knowing exactly what the hell you are getting yourself into. When I heard the word “boot camp” at work one day I made sure to walk the opposite direction and stayas far away from that person as possible for a while. Because in my head I pictured some guy in a drill Sargent’s hat yelling in my face, rolling around in the mud, bullets flying over my head, and a lot of lost lunches (far fetched I know but the word boot camp sounds really SCARY!) So I began to notice all of these people I was avoiding at work looking really really good: tone, buffed, slimmer, in overall better shape. So after my girlfriend went a couple times to test out the waters for me. (don’t hate!) I decided to go give a couple sessions a try, I had weight goals in mind that I never thought would be possible and had nothing too lose. (except maybe my lunch) 

The first day of boot camp was a little rough, as it is for many. I made it through with having to take any extra breaks but only barely. But the one thing that I remember the most from my first day was the support that got from not only Chris Green the trainer but the constant encouragement from rest of the group. Typically the workout groups is about 8-12 people and every session feels like you are working out with a family. There is no hostility or negative competition, just people who have all sorts of goals and a group of people who want you to achieve your goals. 

From the first workout, Chris Green is right there in your corner with his constant unwavering support. From the beginning I felt as if I had entered a whole new world of exercise, a world of real results. Each session last 1 hour and consist of either an upper body, lower body, or full body workout. Also, each work out consist of a healthy amount of cardio and abdominal exercises. Each session last 6 weeks with a possible 3 sessions per week, depending on how many days you sign up for. After each session you feel as if you have just accomplished something great. You have taken a step towards that goal that you never thought possible despite feeling completely exhausted but that good exhausted, the type that leaves you wanting more. As the six week session progresses, you begin to gain stamina and confidence. You begin to look forward to working out and begin to learn more about yourself mentally and physically. Once I discovered the vice that truly gets in the way of my weight loss goals, I began to see weight and inches drop of of my body. In one session, I lost 12lbs and 10 inches off of my body and have lost a total of 40 lbs since I started boot camp and I have not been at this weight since the beginning of high school. Mean Green Training Boot Camp has changed my life and I know that I can continue to achieve my goals with my hard work and the support of those at boot camp. 

Boot camp has been a life changing experience and I am now one of those people who gets the compliments about how great I look. I still have goals for myself and believe that I can achieve everyone through mean green training. I have truly learned new life skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain the goals that I have accomplished. So I encourage you to come on out and work towards a new healthy lifestyle.


After I attended a biometric screening at my place of employment, I was told that I was at high risk of being pre-osteopenia. This meant that my bones were weak and that if I did not exercise to help them become strong, then they would shatter later on. I did not want that for myself so I signed up for a gym membership. I also wanted to lose weight, tone up, and be fit. Even though I was going to the gym, I felt like I needed guidance in order to help me reach my goals. I was a former training instructor for Tae Kwon Do so I had some prior knowledge of exercise techniques, but I wanted to learn more. One day I received an offer for a one hour introductory session with a personal trainer. I met with Chris and really liked how positive he was and his approach to fitness. At first, training in the beginning was challenging because I wanted to see results right away. After a few months my clothes started fitting looser and got compliments from friends and co-workers on how good I looked. My confidence and self-esteem have greatly improved since training with Chris. Training with Chris has tremendously impacted my life in more ways that one. He has inspired me to reach my fitness goals as well as personal and career goals because his mantra is that if a person believes in themselves and they strive for what they want, then they will achieve it.


Growing up I was always called the fat kid by my siblings and other family members. In high school I began playing basketball and slimmed down drastically during that time. Although my body was smaller in frame, my emotional and mental perspective of myself had never changed. About a year ago i decided that the 30 pounds i had gained since high school was unexceptable. I then joined a bootcamp and lost about 9lbs in four weeks. Loosing the weight felt great, but there was still something missing. Months later I decided to give bootcamp another try, but this time it was Mean Green Bootcamp. This may sound crazy, but after the first day of initiation I felt like a different person. There was this powerful energy from Chris as well as the other individuals in the camp that immediately made me feel like I would receive all of my desires. I was pushed and challenged each and every session and by refusing to let quiting be an option i began receiving results. After 6 weeks of attending MGT I had not only transformed my physically state, but my mental as well. It felt great putting on jeans that fell right off. It felt amazing to have people compliment me and say I’m glowing and they see the change. But the best feeling from it all is waking up everyday, looking in the mirror and loving myself. Mean Green Bootcamp has transformed my reflection and I now see a healthier, stronger, more complete person looking back at me. I started an inside thing with the girls, but I’ll share it with you today…” Don’t be afraid of your sexy, it’s mission 10th grade body at MGT!!!!


started Mean Green training during the spring break of March 2010. I started out as a size 22 and at a weight of 270lbs. I have struggled with my weight since my childhood. I would do the norm, which wasloose a little bit here and there and always gain it back. With my own efforts I would get down to around 230lbs but never any lower. I was turned on to boot camp by “Dawn White!” She inspired me to want more results for myself. I always had the willpower within me. What I needed was help from the Mean Green’s founder Chris Green! Week after week the pounds dropped and muscle definition formed. It is now August 2011. I currently weigh 195lbs and I’m wearing a size 12, medium shirt sizes! Truthfully, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! Sometimes I feel like an infra commercial but then I realize that this is all real and not a dream. Please do not get me wrong, boot camp is amazingly challenging, the workouts are tough to the point of pain, but I promise if you stick with it just for one six weeks you will become addicted to the RESULTS! I can finally fit the latest fashions from Express, Loft, and Limited (all of the skinny stores)! It’s a feeling that is so indescribable. It feels so good when people come up to me in pure amazement of my transformation. Mean Green training has boosted my confidence, emotional and physical appearance. My arms, legs, and thighs have gained muscle, and lost fat while gaining clear definition. This summer I wore a swimsuit that I have not worn in years! I am so happy and fulfilled in my life. This has been a life changing transformation that will not stop here. I still have a goal of 20 more pounds to loose. But that comes with more perseverance, more willpower, more consistency, correct eating habits. I will be able to Believe, Achieve, and Receive all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength.” Chris Green, the words that I have to say cannot truly thank you enough for all of your hard work and confidence in me that you have humbly displayed and deposited within me. From the simple talks that we share, the motivational texts messages and speeches throughout the day, and as small as checking up on me on my off days. May God bless you and grant you all of your hearts desires! “RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS!


Chris Green, of “MEAN GREEN TRAINING” has been a good childhood friend of mine for awhile, we played varsity level sports together. As the years went by I went through a stage where I was lying to my self about my weight. I was still involved in sports coaching basketball & playing in men’s leagues so I felt I was doing what was needed to be in shape but I wasn’t seeing any good results. Until I let Chris talk me into coming to a week of boot camp, which I did. I loved the fact that his workouts where made to suit anyone at any time. All I remember him saying; “its what you put into it will be determined by your results. Every since then I was hooked, I gave my all in each workout session. Once I realized the pain was temporary I started seeing results. I am still a working progress and have a long way to go & with out the help of mean green training I would probably be still in the same shoes I was in, very overweight, no energy, no sense of dieting and eating what’s right. Joining his program has helped me physically, mentally & spiritually, I owe it all to him and the positive environment he brings u into. THANKS, CHRIS GREEN & THE MEAN GREEN STAFF FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE & TO THE PEOPLE THAT MADE THE SAME COMMITMENTS I HAVE CAUSE WITHOUT THEM PUSHING ME AND MOTIVATING ME TO PUSH IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A HARDER BATTLE TO DO ALONE… iT FEELS GREAT TO BE 30 POUNDS LIGHTER AND STILL COUNTING. THANKS!


Growing up I was always an overweight kid, even in high school. I went on to college and gained more weight but at that point in my life I had to make a choice of staying fat and dieing at a young age are doing something about it. So in the fall of 2009 I heard about Mean Green Training Camp and at that moment I had made my mind up to become 250lbs are less before my 25th Birthday. 
 Starting out at 277lbs I felt like I had to do something real fast my pants and shirts was not fitting like I wanted them to and just walking up a flight of stairs was a task. Starting in boot camp I was wondering what was I getting myself into running, push up and lifting weights that was not me and better yet doing it in front of other people who were smaller then I was that made thing much harder and it really was, but with the help of Chris and the other members in camp I felt a sense of ease. As the days turned in to weeks and the weeks in to months I was feeling better about myself I was looking great and had a clear mind (well some days). But just having someone there that can help you build endurance, gain strength, lose body fat and give you words of motivation was something I was looking for and I found it along with losing 27lbs in five months. I feel great and I have learned not to let the small things get to me. Since becoming a member of Mean Green Boot Camp I have lost weight, gained muscle mass, and I have joined Team In Training to run my first Marathon.


On my first day of boot camp, I must admit that I was nervous and scared. I hadn’t worked out in months, and I was afraid that it would show. My self confidence was at an all-time low. But as soon as I arrived at boot camp, my other team members and Chris welcomed me with open arms. I knew then that I had made the right decision. After six weeks of training, I am happy to say that I reached some of my goals regarding weight and total inches lost (10 pounds and 7 inches). My endurance is up and so is my self-confidence. I could not have had such great results if Chris and my teammates weren’t there to push me. They encouraged me the whole way. At times when I felt like I couldn’t push any more, my teammates and Chris encouraged me to go the distance and “reach for that person in the mirror.” Chris was also available morning, noon or night when I had questions about anything. Having a trainer who really wants you to reach your goals makes it all worthwhile. Chris has a positive attitude that is contagious, and he made me believe in myself. I highly recommend Mean Green Training to anyone who is serious about reaching their goals for 2010.


My entire experience with MGT has been a successful one. I have gotten a chance to meet so many wonderful people of different walks of life and we are all dedicated to making a different within our own lives with the help of our wonderful trainer Chris Green. I have so many memories in just a few short 7 wks @ MGT to write down in words. I just want to share that if you are looking for a change within your life (not just health but overall) you should come join MGT you will get the results you’re looking for with hard and dedicated you will achieve. Results! Results! Results!


My time working with Chris will stay with me for the rest of my life. With his help, I’ve been able to recapture the motivation needed to set and achieve my goals. Living ahealthy lifestyle is more than just the physical part. There are mental and spiritual aspects involved. I am amazed how being part of this boot camp has helped me be more focused and organized. The work ethic you gain from MGT translates to other areas of your life; I’m living proof of that! You’ll hear it many times from Chris, but I’ll reiterate to not limit yourself. Only YOU will decide what is possible. (Down 25 pounds and gained muscle!)


Here I was…the happiest time of my life. I had just given birth to my second son, my 2-year son was blossoming beautifully, I was engaged to the love of my life and our destination beach wedding was only 4-months away. Needless to say I was extremely over-whelmed, not because I was caring for a newborn or chasing around an active toddler or even because I was planning an amazing wedding, but all my anxiety was solely because I had gained so much weight during my pregnancy, 48lbs to be exact, and somehow I was going to have to beach ready in just 4-months. We all know that after giving birth there is a mandatory 6-weeks that a mom must allow for proper healing. That left me with 12 weeks to get to work. I was praying for a miracle. Then a friend told me about Mean Green Training and suggested that I give it a try. I joined the Heights location and attended camp every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am a former Division I college volleyball player and have been apart of various athletics and sports teams my entire life. Never have I ever been pushed and encouraged the way MGT does. My MGT Trainer was Dezi and she truly has a gift to motivate and get the very best out of everyone. And the MGT clients all want to very best for each other. They all one to see each other succeed and meet their individual goals. With every workout, I left feeling renewed on the inside and out. I personally wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to MGT! Thank you for believing in me. Thank You for encouraging me and Thank You for pushing me to meet my goals. And now that I am 51lbs lighter and feeling amazing on the inside and out…I owed it all the the my new MGT Family!


ootcamp to me has turned out to be much more than a physical work out. MGT does a fantastic job of attempting to develop us both physically and mentally; I didn’t expect to receive that when I intially signed up, but I’m certainly glad to receive it. And it’s working. I’m “truly” starting to believe that anything is possible if you work hard and BELIEVE. I feel so overwhelmed at times with trying to run my personal household, a successful business, and making times for workout. But because of MGT….and I have a “little” to do with it as well , MGT pushed me to maximize myself and NOT COMPROMISE. It’s not always easy, but Chris stressed that “as long as you’re moving” then I should be closer to my goals. And I am. You and Shana are so positive and inspiring, and Leanie will not disappoint. You’re the best, Chris!”


I know you. You hear the words “boot camp” and your heart is automatically instilled with a sense of fear where you wanna run and hide, stick the old routine. Because of this fear you’ll just stick to the 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical do a couple of abs or squats in call it a day. That definitely was me. I had heard about this boot camp through a co-worker and several others from work followed in tow, but I was afraid to try it. 

I thought, “Man, I’m not cut out for a boot camp. That’s for friggin hard core badasses that can flip over tractor tires and run a mile in 1 minute or something.”

I don’t know what pushed me to try it, but I finally went after work one day. I will not lie: I was lying down, back on a bench after 15 minutes (shoulda eaten something before! but also I’ve never done a workout like this before). But I jumped right back in and finished out what I could.

And that’s the thing, the entire time I was there that first day, I felt so welcomed and everyone was really encouraging and positive. No judgment, no negativity. I know that sounds cliche, but I kept coming back and saw that this was one big family, all different walks of life, different goals, but the strength of the mindset and team the same—Believe. Achieve. Receive.

Great mantra, in which you really realize the power of those words once you join a Mean Green boot camp. I joined because I was pretty bored with what I was doing at the gym, wanted something a little more intensive, and definitely wanted more muscle tone, better endurance, and to overall make working out incorporated in my way of life. I DEFINITELY love this boot camp and the trainer, Chris Green. He is truly passionate about what he does, your biggest motivator in wanting to see you do well in whatever goals and standards you set for yourself.

biggest PROS for me (besides Chris himself):
(prices vary according to how many sessions and how often you workout with him and the group per week, but trust me, super affordable.)
(I’ve met the most amazing people through this boot camp, the most inspiring, the funniest, the most motivational…I love them)
(ask him, and he’ll message or text you with work outs during the week to get ‘em in; additionally there are seminars every few months to address what I like to call working out your mind. It’s a good time to stop and put everything in perspective; also meal planning, health tips…pretty much anything. you get one-on-one attention for sure)
(Mean Green Training Boot Camp delivers: my endurance is better, I’ve got better muscle tone, oh, and that annoying little bit of flab in my tum tum? yeahh got that thing under control ???? as for weight loss or to lose inches, you definitely see in other members over time.


I was clearly surprised when a friend asked me to join boot camp and I realized that I was in for some serious work. I am an asthmatic and the first day I used my inhaler six times and was scared that I would not be able to do it. With the encouragement of Chris and the “girls” I was able to push through and now I hardly remember to use my inhaler at all. At age 48 I am the oldest at my boot camp but I have been told that I have been an inspiration to others younger than me. It has been exciting to see that pounds and inches drop off but more important has been my new outlook on life and my increased energy. If it was not for Chris pushing me and at the same time using his kind nature to motivate me I would not be where I am at today. I still have a long way to go but am confident that I can get to the place I want to be. I was always afraid of boot camp and the “military style” that was always portrayed but I found a different style that I have really enjoyed. He teaches us to believe, achieve and receive the positive results that we have always wanted. I am truly blessed to have found such a special place. I will be eternally grateful for the support I have received. Thank you and God Bless


Training with Chris has been an enlightening journey as well as one of the best investments that I have made. Chris has worked with me in staying motivated, making better health choices and educating me on how to change my diet and exercise routines to get the results I want. Most trainers I have met are not interested in educating you so that you can continue without them. However, Chris has designed workouts for me, assisted me in designing my own home gym as well as provided meal plan tips tailored to me. Joining boot camp has proven to be a way to extended my health network as well as broaden my horizons to understand that the battle with getting in shape does not have a size. Each of the members of boot camp have there own goals and help to motivate you in reaching yours. When I want to stop an exercise before completing that last three reps, it is usually someone in my boot camp that catches me and says “Come on girl, three more!” Boot camps are also a way that you get to know what things other people are doing to keep on their exercise routine. I have attended exercise classes, gotten recommendations for food choices and DVDs all from other members of my boot camp. What has kept me training with Chris is that I feel that he listens to my concerns, is interested in where I am having difficulty and genuinely wants to see me reach my goals.


Becoming a part of Mean Geen Training was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I have grown as an individual mentally, physically, and emotionaly. When you decide to join a boot camp with several other individuals, you grow, train, and push each other as a “TEAM”. You accomplish so much more than you would working out alone. The times I wanted to stop because of pain, my TEAM kept me focused and dedicated to our one main goal losing weight and feeling great about ourselves. For six weeks, I watched as my body slimmed down, I lost several inches over my whole body, and I watched my physical strength and endurance grow. All of this could not have been done without the help of my friend and trainer Christopher Green. His warm spirit, positive attitude, and extensive background of certified training made him a wonderful person to take direction from. He is dedicated in making sure everyone reaches their fitness goals. Whether its 10:00am or 10:00pm, you can count on Chris being there to lend an ear or offer words of encouragement. All of these traits and experiences at Mean Green Training Bootcamp is what makes Chris’s bootcamp stand out far above the rest. If you give your all and dedicate yourself, you will be sure to “BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, and RECEIVE


I have had the pleasure of training with Chris Green for over a year. Chris combines an unsurpassed knowledge of training methods with excellent interpersonal skills to create an environment that maximizes advancement to your fitness goals. Chris is a world-class athlete himself, and integrates the results of his own experience into his training techniques. I am continually amazed at the wide range of exercises that he incorporates in my routines, most of which were new to me when he first introduced them. These are not the typical exercises that you see everyone performing in most gyms. Many involve relatively light weight or the use of body weight alone. Chris’ ability to target all muscle groups with multiple techniques and numerous variations on those techniques creates the “muscle confusion” necessary to maximize growth. As a result of working with Chris, I am in the best shape of my life at age 46. Friends have noticed the change in my physique, and I get compliments on a frequent basis. As an avid golfer, I recently shot a 1-under par 70 on a championship course while on vacation. That was a personal goal that for years I thought might be unattainable. However, it became a reality due to the added strength and muscle control I have developed th rough working with Chris. “When it comes to meeting your fitness goals, you cannot do any better than training with Chris Green.


I started MGT in the spring of 2011. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, because my life has transformed mentally and physically. I used to LOATHE working out and if there was a way to go without working out, I was all in. I felt that if I cut back on sweets, pastas, and fried foods, I would be healthy and not gain too much weight. Well, age and metabolism quickly put that theory to the test and it was proven to be false. Total body health includes eating clean a good majority of the time and exercising at least 80-90% of the time. The new knowledge and physical and mental transformation is all due to the greatest trainer and now my friend/”cousin” DEZI of MGT Boot Camp. Instead of cringing and dragging when it’s time to workout I look forward to getting my burn and would go so far to say that I now consider myself an athlete. I welcome the challenge of an intense workout, run, or obstacle course. I look to improve myself with everything I encounter. I’ve lost over 20 lbs., countless inches and I’m in the single digits in pant sizes. I’m also on my way to getting Michelle Obama arms!! I want to say to my Dezi Jean, you are an awesome inspiration and the most genuine person I have ever met. You have supported me thru injuries, self-doubt, and pushed me when I felt I couldn’t go any more. Most of all, you believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and for that I say RESULTS!!

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